RFM Guitars

I’ve been working towards releasing my own brand of guitar with the name RFM
I’ve received a couple of prototypes and and hopefully we’ll be able to go into production soon.rfm small
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Soldering new pedals

Moonbeam the unicorn has been soldering up his new Klon Centaur clone pedals.Unicorn soldering

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Klon Clone

Moonbeam the unicorn has been drilling stomp box enclosures for his new overdrive pedal that is based on the klon centaur.

unicorn drilling


Guitar Pedal Building

Moonbeam the unicorn prepares his electronic components to make the first Refractive Music Guitar pedals.

Unicorn electronics

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New Spokes-Unicorn

I’d like to introduce you to my new Spokes-Unicorn Moonbeam.
He has an exciting new product to announce
Stay tuned for more information soon…


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March Of The Apocalyptic Pengins

PenguinI’m always adding to my stock music collection. check out my most recent track here.

Guitar teaching Term Two starts next week, Monday the 1st of May. Hope everyone’s enjoyed the Easter break.

Most of our times been spent in the garden in what shall now be know as the great pruning of 2017.

What Is Stock Music?

Stock Music goes by several different names, it’s know at Production Music, Royalty free Music and sometimes Library Music.


Stock music is music that is pre-recorded and kept “in stock”. It’s used for TV, radio, films, advertising, videos, presentations etc.


Lets say you wanted to  have some music in the background of a TV advert, instead of going to the time and hassle of hiring someone to create the music for you, you could go and listen through some pre-recorded music in a stock music library with the style of music you had in mind to fit your content. When you’ve chosen the music you want, you pay a licence fee to allow you to legally use and broadcast the music that you’ve synchronised to your video.

New Page For Stock Music

I’ve just added a new page for Stock Music, more updates on the way very soon.Stock music picture


Lesson Spaces

Hi, There are still some spaces free for this term, whether you play acoustic, nylon string or electric, contact me at andrew@refractivemusic.com

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