Teaching 2017

Guitar lessons for 2017 start on the 30th of January for term one in Rolleston.
If you’re looking for a guitar teacher flick me an email at andrew@refractivemusic.com

New Video

A new teaching video, a cool sounding finger exercise. Check it out on the videos page, or pop over to youtube.

Term Two

Spaces still available for term two. Email me if you’re interested in learning guitar.


Guitar Teaching 2016

Term one starts on the first of February.

I have some lesson spaces still available, if you’re thinking about learning guitar send me an email, I’d love to hear from you.

Term 3 Spaces

I have some lesson spaces still available for term 3, if you’re thinking about learning guitar send me an email, I’d love to hear from you.


Just a note to let you know that our email account was down from June 1st – 3rd. All messages from that time have been lost. The problem has now been resolved.

Guitar lessons, spaces available

I still have some spots available if you’d like to learn guitar. you can contact me at andrew@refractivemusic.com

New Term

Happy new year and welcome back to all my students. Guitar Lessons for term one 2014 start on the 3rd of February, and for my students at Ladbrooks school the 12th of February.

Guitar Exams

Congratulations to my students who have passed their Trinity Pop an Rock guitar exams this year. Well done!


Welcome to our new look website.

You should be able to find out everything you need to know about Refractive Music, Andrew Morriss, and Refractive Music Guitar Tuition. You can have a listen to some samples of Andrew’s music, including his latest single “Cowboys and Indians” which was mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London, England.

I am currently sorting out dates for Andrew’s summer tour. If you would like Andrew to play at your venue eg. cafe, winery, restaurant etc. please email nan@refractivemusic.com.