RFM Hummingbird Chorus

RFM Hummingbird Chorus Pedal

All Analogue
Hand Made
True Bypass
Rate, Depth and Mix Controls
Takes 9 volt Battery or 9 volt centre negative power supply
$150 NZ Dollars


I build these pedals in limited quantity, if you’re interested in purchasing one head over to my TradeMe page to see what’s currently available. Or Email me for availability and overseas shipping costs.


RFM Hmmingbird Chorus

The Hummingbird Chorus is a hand wired  all analogue circuit that is based on the Boss CE-2 Chorus pedal using the same “bucket brigade” chips as the original (MN3007, MN3101). The original CE-2 is my favourite chorus of all time, I’ve owned one for years and years and I’ve never found a chorus that I’d replace it on my pedal board with, but there were always a couple of things that I felt needed to be improved with it.


RFM Hummingbird Side
I always wanted it to have a mix control, especially when using it with dirty tones. So I’ve added in a mix control with the Hummingbird so you can dial in as little or as much chorus as you want. With the control set fully clock wise it’s set at the default CE-2 level.


The other thing I always wished the original CE-2 pedal had was true bypass switching, not all buffered bypass pedals are bad, but the CE-2 did suck a little bit of tone when bypassed. The Humming bird is true bypass, so no nasty one suck.


The other point of difference between the original CE-2 and the Hummingbird is that the Hummingbird doesn’t squeeze or reduce the treble from your guitar, when compared to the CE-2 it’s a little clearer but still retains all the analogue warmth without getting harsh on the top end.


Chorus pedal


When I decided I wanted to build a chorus pedal I wanted it to be as good as the original CE-2 but with those couple of things added to make it my ultimate chorus pedal. I priced out the cost of building it and along the way discovered a Chinese company who could build this circuit for me at a lower cost than I could build it myself, all I have to do is add the mix control and add the enclosure. So the Hummingbird is handmade in China and then finished of by me here in New Zealand.


hummingbird gutshot 2 RFM Hummingbird gutshot 1
I recommend using a quality 9 volt power supply or a 9 volt battery, being an analogue pedal it has a low current draw of around 9 mA


Take a look at this video to see the difference different power supplies can have on the sound of guitar pedals. https://youtu.be/GnaIgWd3mX0


Check out these you tube clips to hear it in action.