RFM Magical Unicorn Overdrive

RFM Magical Unicorn Overdrive Pedal.

Hand Made Overdrive
Buffered Bypass
Gain, Volume and Tone Controls
Small Pedal Board Friendly Footprint
Needs 9 volt DC centre negative power supply
$150 NZ Dollars


I build these pedals in limited quantity, if you’re interested in purchasing one head over to my TradeMe page to see what’s currently available. Or Email me for availability and overseas shipping costs.


Unicorn overdrive on amp resize

The Magical Unicorn Overdrive is a clone of a Klon Centaur or the KTR. It’s hand wired and uses high quality full sized parts, no surface mount components are used here! It uses the refractor double sided PCB from Aion Electronics and a pair of IN34A Germanium Diodes.


Unicorn soldering
The original Centaur was a double sized pedal, this edition of the Unicorn is built into a 1590B sized enclosure so it only takes up a single space, it’s a perfect size for pedal boards. Because of its smaller size it doesn’t have space to fit a 9 volt battery in it, you will need a 9 volt centre negative power supply. A larger Unicorn that takes batteries will be available soon. The Unicorn maintains the original buffered bypass circuit used by the Klon, the buffer is considered to be an integral part of the Centaurs tone.


This is a great pedal for pushing a valve amp as a clean boost,or dialling in gain to get a transparent, smooth overdrive. Its reactive to your playing, touch sensitive, and doesn’t mask the sound of your guitar or amp. I also works well in front of other distortion pedals adding a clarity and bite.


magical unicorn overdrive klon
The Unicorn works beautifully as a clean boost, leave the gain turned all the way down and push your tube amp with the volume control. There’s lots of volume on tap, unity gain is around 9 o’clock.
Turning up the gain starts to add a subtle drive, like an amp on the verge of breakup. Adding more gain gives a satisfying crunch that can be cleaned up with the guitars volume control.


I recommend using a quality 9 volt power supply.Take a look at this video to see the difference different power supplies can have on the sound of guitar pedals. https://youtu.be/GnaIgWd3mX0
“Hi Andrew, just got the pedal today and im just letting you know it sounds great ! Sounds amazing with both my les paul and strat thru my jcm800. Even had to take my tube screamer copy off my pedal board because it just sounds stupid compared to this pedal.” Quinn