Andrew Allan Morriss

Andrew Allan Morriss is an acoustic singer/songwriter from Christchurch New Zealand. With influences such as Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham, and Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler, it isn’t hard to see how Andrew’s music has evolved to this point, with searching lyrics delivered with a rich warm voice and melodic lead guitar interwoven with acoustic fingerpicking. Andrew has a strong melodic style that incorporates the best of folk, pop, rock and blues and is interpreted and delivered in Andrew’s uniquely pleasing style.
Andrew was born on the 28th of February 1973 in the New Zealand farming town of Ashburton. Growing up on a cropping farm on the Canterbury plains, with a mother who taught piano and a brother who was a classically trained singer, there was always music around.

“I’m so grateful to have been brought up on the farm. I think that it’s had a huge influence on the way I write music. The isolation, the freedom and the landscape are all things that are still a part of me.”

Andrew played the flute through primary and intermediate school before finally giving in to the allure of the guitar at the age of fourteen. By the age of sixteen he had started songwriting with guitar and eventually also on piano.
Andrew moved to Nelson with his wife Nancy in 1997 to attend the Nelson School Of Music’s Contemporary Music Performance Course which he graduated with Outstanding Merit. This provided opportunities such as performing around Nelson and Golden Bay with regular performances at the Victorian Rose, taking part in the School of Music’s Winter Festival including singing in the choir for both the Nelson performances of ENZO as well as radio play on Nelson’s Fresh FM.

“Doing music full time was what I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve had a burning inside me saying I have to do music for a long time. and the school of music gave me that opportunity to get things started.”

Unfortunately after graduating at the end of 1997 Andrew’s health took a turn for the worse with both Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Multiple Allergies leaving him unable to do anything musical or otherwise for some time.

“Being ill has been the biggest challenge I’ve had to face. It’s certainly made me appreciate what I’ve got now, I don’t take simple things like going for a walk or being able to sing a song for granted any more.”

In 2001 Andrew and Nancy returned to Canterbury to live in Christchurch. With his health slowly improving Andrew started working on music again. In 2003 Andrew released his debut CD “Just Believe” which attracted attention from an American record label, but after several months of discussion Andrew decided to go it alone and start his own record label called Refractive Music.

“Refractive Music gives me the freedom to make the music I want to make and sell it directly from itunes and my website. It brings together my recording, live work and guitar teaching all under one name.” 

From 2003 on, Andrew’s music career has come along in leaps and bounds with regular live performances, producing and recording music for others, organizing concerts, growing his guitar teaching business called Refractive Music Guitar Tuition which now has close to 60 private students, and producing and recording his first video for the Abbey Road mastered single “Cowboys and Indians”. 2012 has seen a new landmark with the release of Andrew’s new CD “Border Town”


Andrew’s past performances include:
Border Town 2012 South Island Tour, CTV Good Living Show, The Homegrown Kiwi Music Radio Show, RSPCA Fundraiser, NSOM Winter Festival, Nelson Wearable Arts Festival.

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