Just believe 2003


Just Believe is Andrew’s debut album. Andrew’s music has been described as “Folk music with an edge”’,with influences such as Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler, Ian White and the melodic vocal and classical guitar of John Michael Talbot, it isn’t too hard to see how Andrew’s music has evolved to this point, with searching words delivered with an emotion filled voice, melodic lead guitar interwoven with acoustic fingerpicking. Andrew has shown himself able to deliver a mixture of folk, pop, rock and even blues in his own unique way.

“I wanted to create a CD where the arrangements were simple and uncluttered, something that was true to the way I play, not only in a live situation, but also at two in the morning when it’s just an acoustic guitar and me. I wanted there to be space to give the songs room to breath, because sometimes the notes that aren’t played are as important as the notes that are. It’s this simplicity and this room to breath that gives the music the ability to connect with the listener in a more direct way.

It has not been my intention to create an overly religious CD, but instead I’ve wanted to offer a collection of songs that highlight the simplicity of belief in God and also to express that belief in songs about harder times.”