Lynette Diaz “Lyrics in my head” 2008

This independent release was produced by Christchurch musician/engineer, Andrew Morriss. Notable on the tracks, is Morriss’ deft guitar work. Christchurch harmonicist, Simon Ritchie was enlisted for the prominent harp work on the album.

Lynette grew up in the high desert of New Mexico and brings to her music the fiery passion of her Mexican-American roots, along with a sense of adventure forged from years living abroad, including three continents before settling in New Zealand, for over 3 years now.
The tracks on ‘Lyrics In My Head’ are a testament to a long journey of self-discovery, as a person, and as an artist. The tracks resonate with the universal pangs of heartbreak, loss, growth, new-found clarity, love and joy. “What good is living, if you’re not really present?” As I wrote the songs on the album, they matched my growth, as a person and as an artist. There is an underlying theme that is positive throughout, as through the whole gamut of changes I’ve gone through this year, I’ve had an unwavering belief to live my individual truth and believe that each step is how it should be.”

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