I’ve got lots of pedals, guitars and music stuff listed on Trade Me at the moment Cheek it out.

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Hand Made Pedals

All sold out of Humming Birds and Unicorns at the moment. : 0

More Being built soon…. : )

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Hummingbird Chorus Available Now

The new RFM Hummingbird Analogue chorus is available at last! Check out it’s page and video here.

RFM Hmmingbird Chorus

Pop along to Trademe to purchase

Guitar For Sale

An early  prototype for RFM Guitars on sale now on Trade Me.
A Lovely Les Paul Jr. style Guitar

Les Paul Prototype 2



RFM Unicorn Now For Sale

The first of the Hand Made Magical Unicorn pedals is for sale on trademe

magical unicorn overdrive klon

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RFM Overdrive Pedal

Moonbeam the unicorn with the newly completed RFM Magical Unicorn Overdrive Pedal. Using the Koln Centaur circuit. Sound clips coming very soon.magical unicorn overdrive klon

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RFM Guitars

I’ve been working towards releasing my own brand of guitar with the name RFM
I’ve received a couple of prototypes and and hopefully we’ll be able to go into production soon.rfm small
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Soldering new pedals

Moonbeam the unicorn has been soldering up his new Klon Centaur clone pedals.Unicorn soldering

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Klon Clone

Moonbeam the unicorn has been drilling stomp box enclosures for his new overdrive pedal that is based on the klon centaur.

unicorn drilling


Guitar Pedal Building

Moonbeam the unicorn prepares his electronic components to make the first Refractive Music Guitar pedals.

Unicorn electronics

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